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Replay Subchain To Go Live via Theta Metachain This July

Replay has experienced tremendous growth since our official beta launch, and today we are excited to share that we have reached another major ecosystem milestone: Replay is set to go live on a dedicated subchain of THETA Metachain soon, in July 2023.

RPLAY subchain launch is a key aspect of our initial vision, and one that we are proud to fulfill. The launch is part of our ongoing strategic partnership with THETA, further expanding the fastest-growing web3 video ecosystem and presenting another significant advancement in the rapid evolution of Replay. By launching our own Theta subchain, Replay can achieve a customizable, highly scalable blockchain optimized for video delivery and tracking with potentially unlimited transactional throughput.

Before our subchain launch we wanted to ensure that RPLAY had achieved widespread ecosystem adoption and that we had created the foundation to develop powerful future use cases for RPLAY redemption. Since the beta launch of RPLAY earning, Replay team has accomplished just that, having:

In that time we’ve continued to grow, with more than 50,000+ active users enjoying web3 tv, with hundreds of thousands of device installs across the TV ecosystem, and over 3.5 million hours watched to-date! Users are enjoying everywhere TV is watched, from mobile & web to smartTV devices including tvOS, AndroidTV, Roku & FireTV. In coming months, we’ll continue to expand as is made available on other leading TV devices.

We’ve built an open gamified experience for any media brand or web3 community looking to activate their audience with video. And that’s just the start!

Now as RPLAY launches on a Theta subchain, we’ll be continuing to expand the ecosystem, both by continuing to bring new mainstream media brands to web3 via strategic partnerships and by bringing more utility to RPLAY. Going forward, RPLAY will increasingly be redeemable for premium content and other branded perks.

The Replay subchain plays a crucial role in enhancing video tracking and benefiting all stakeholders within the ecosystem. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, the subchain ensures transparency and immutability in video tracking, enabling accurate measurement of viewership, engagement, and content consumption. This level of transparency fosters trust and accountability among content creators, viewers, and advertisers. Content creators can gain insights into the performance of their content, make data-driven decisions, and receive fair compensation based on accurate viewership data. Viewers benefit from a personalized and engaging streaming experience, as the subchain enables targeted content recommendations and rewards for their engagement. Advertisers can leverage reliable viewership data to deliver targeted and effective advertising campaigns. Overall, the Replay subchain brings transparency, trust, and value to the ecosystem, empowering all stakeholders to thrive in the web3 streaming revolution.

We’re so excited to be reaching this goal and fulfilling the ambitions we set out in our initial roadmap launch. Please look out for more news on RPLAY subchain development as we further enable in-ecosystem redemption, alongside the launch of more ways to influence, watch & earn with the introduction of governance mechanics like ratings, reviews and user leaderboards.

As always, thanks for watching!


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