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Visionaries Behind Replay

With a rich history of innovation across media distribution and monetization, our founders have launched and scaled multiple companies. Their visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit drive Replay’s mission to revolutionize video streaming, crafting a future where technology, creativity, and community converge.

Core Team

Replay's Engine

Our team, a blend of visionary thinkers, innovative developers, and industry disruptors, shares a singular passion: to transform video streaming. Expert in blockchain and creative content, we’re building a platform where technology amplifies creativity and nurtures community.


Replay's Pillars of Wisdom

A strong foundation built on EXPERIENCE

Although our team has a vast experience in the video industry, we wanted to make sure that all the problems we are set to solve are carefully considered. So, we partnered with some of the most prestigious names in the industry to get their input on what are the best solutions to the problems we are set to solve.

Together we are stronger

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