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Why work with Replay?

Replay is a streaming economy that’s owned by Content Producers and Consumers; it aligns incentives for producers, consumers, and investors and is orchestrated by the replay platform which ensures every play is tracked and recorded on an immutable ledger, and the RPLAY token which allows for a variety of functions within the platform.

With replay Creators can get paid today for a video play today and fans and investors can come along for the ride.

Replay provides:

Content Owners

Replay for Content Owners-min
Replay for Distribution Platforms

Distribution Platforms


Replay for Consumers
Replay for Investors & Fans

Investors & Fans

New revenue opportunities for all parties

  • Creators find lost revenue in existing channels with the additional tracking;
  • Enable much more distribution channels contributing to much more revenue;
  • Anyone can participate in the success of a video asset by sharing ownership in an NFT and create additional liquidity for creators;
  • Distributors can expand their offering to consumers with predictable revenue.


Curious To Learn More About Replay


Replay Whitepaper

The concept of the Creator Economy is gaining traction as creators are the life-blood of all major internet platforms. That said, Content owners aren’t getting paid fairly for their work. Existing content distribution methods are mired with opaque revenue shares and technology fees for content delivery. 

We go through the inner workings of Replay core technology in this white paper and describe how we envision solving this problem by embracing blockchain technologies. 

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