Revolutionizing Streaming With Industry-first Token-Gated Access: Introducing the FlixFling PLAYTATO

This Black Friday, Replay is proud to announce an industry-first for the streaming and OTT industry, by introducing real-time NFT-gating in partnership with streaming provider FlixFling.

Welcome a PLAYTATO with real superpowers: The FlixFling PLAYTATO!

This new Playtato will serve as a tradable, ownable digital key that unlocks titles from the FlixFling Streaming Subscription service directly on Content unlocked by the FlixFling Playtato will refresh regularly.

The FlixFling Playtato will also feature a 2x multiplier on a new ‘FlixFling Picks’ playlist. That’s not it’s only superpower! When combined with existing PLAYTATO Avatars from the Halloween/Horror collection, the FlixFling Playtato will reveal additional multipliers based on Rare Traits from the previous collection!

FlixFling PLAYTATO won’t just unlock content and multipliers! Users who purchase a FlixFling PLAYTATO will also get an exclusive FlixFling badge on their profile. FlixFling PLAYTATO will also be crucial to completing our upcoming second ThetaDrop challenge to claim a Golden FlixFling PLAYTATO — the first of many Golden PLAYTATOES. Collect them all to unlock exclusive premium perks — stay tuned for more news on that challenge soon!

To purchase a FlixFling PLAYTATO NFT and gain exclusive access to titles on from the FlixFling Subscription library, visit

FlixFling PLAYTATO also unveil rare traits on Halloween PLAYTATO NFTs, to be revealed in the coming days.

Check out some of the titles that will be made available on FlixFling:

Sales begin on Black Friday, Nov. 25 at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET, and close after 48 hours on Sunday, Nov. 27 at 12 pm PT.


For all media inquiries regarding this release please contact us at

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