RPLAY Blockchain Launch & News Round-Up

Replay launched RPLAY token as a dedicated subchain of THETA Metachain to industry fanfare this Sept. 2023

In recent weeks, major updates have come to Replay ecosystem! Have you caught them all? Replay made major industry fanfare with the launch of RPLAY blockchain, a subchain of THETA Metachain. The update is a major step in our core development, and represents a major paradigm shift for the streaming industry. Indicating the need for this shift to more transparent streaming solutions, Replay garnered major coverage for their blockchain launch in both leading film industry publications like Deadline and crypto news orgs like CoinTelegraph.

Replay CEO Krish Arvapally commented on how the ongoing SAGAFTRA & WGA strikes in Hollywood highlight the work Replay is doing to combat the lack of transparency in streaming, being front-paged on Deadline for commenting that the “lack of visibility around content is untenable”.

Following their blockchain launch, Replay has also hit other major milestones, introducing validator node staking and announcing ecosystem growth with the adoption of RPLAY rewards earning for popular pop-up streaming apps like HalloweenFlix. In the coming weeks, Replay will further enable users by introducing RPLAY withdrawal. Likewise, Replay has continued to engage new and existing users by adding new major content partners like live channel partners Chess.com and The Washington Post.

To read our original press release on Replay blockchain launch, as covered in CoinTelegraph, please click here.



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