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Replay Token Contract Certified By HACKEN Security Audit with 10/10 Security Score

Replay, the blockchain platform reimagining video for Web3, is excited to announce that its proprietary RPLAY token smart contract has been audited and certified as secure by HACKEN.

International cybersecurity auditor HACKEN, which specializes in blockchain-based security solutions, certified RPLAY token smart contract with a 10/10 Security Score on its Smart Contract Code Review & Security Analysis Report. The report, which was finalized August 2023, certifies the RPLAY smart contract for passing the latest global blockchain security standards. The audit report can be found at and HACKEN’s methodologies for conducting Smart Contract Code Review & Security Analysis can be found here.

The security analysis was conducted to evaluate the stability and security of the blockchain against best practices and possible attack vectors, mitigating risks to users and the ecosystem.  The certification from HACKEN, which has led audits for 1000+ web3 organizations, confirms that Replay’s RPLAY smart contract has been thoroughly audited and has been found to meet the highest standards of security. Replay users can be confident in the security of the RPLAY token, built on THETA TNT-20 token, and this certification further demonstrates Replay’s commitment to providing their users with secure and reliable services.

The completion of the audit and subsequent certification of Replay brings us one step closer to completing our imminent subchain launch on THETA Metachain – please stay tuned for more details coming soon!


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