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Replay Milestone: RPLAY Rewards Rate Halves as Replay Distributes 33M+ RPLAY to Rewarded TV Viewers

We hope viewers have been enjoying the future of web3 TV! Replay has continued to make major strides for the world of web3 video as we grow. Most recently, we were especially proud to announce both the addition of #1 hit anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! to our catalog on and the launch of Replay subchain on THETA Metachain! The major content premiere follows the launch of our very own cross-chain Digital Collectible Marketplace on Replay Dash, where users can manage and hold collectibles that unlock content or even grant governance on a streaming platform!

As we’ve built the foundation of the web3 video ecosystem, we’ve distributed over 33M+ RPLAY to fans and users who have helped test the blockchain in beta. Doing so, we’ve reached a milestone: having exhausted Replay User Growth Pool #1 and half of Replay User Growth Pool #2, the base RPLAY rewards rate will halve, to 1.25 RPLAY / hour. Read more about Replay User Growth Pools in our whitepapers.

Please keep in mind, base RPLAY rate applies to web activity — your actual earnings may depend on a variety of factors that determine the value of your real time viewing activity. To learn more about how user activity or collectibles can influence your RPLAY rewards rate, click here. To maximize RPLAY rewards, watch on your smart TV device of choice!

As we halve the base RPLAY rewards rate this July 17th, we’ll also be ending our limited time bonus RPLAY rewards for PlayTater owners watching Yu-Gi-Oh! content. This will coincide with the upcoming launch of our Tater Favorites playlist, where Replay members can decide what is worthy of being front-paged and rewarded!

Please stay tuned for more details, or read more about Replay web3 community on Twitter, Medium, or ReadMe.


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