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What Do Replay Collectibles Do?

Viewers of web3 TV customize their video experience with Collectibles, so they have the opportunity to be rewarded for what they want to watch! Some Collectibles unlock premium content for a particular content library or for a particular web3 community. Others boost rewards.

There are two types of Digital Collectibles on Replay ecosystem — Replay Collectibles and Replay Supported Collectibles.

Replay Collectibles

Collectibles released by Replay team. Including couch lovin’ PlayTaters, PlayTatos & TV Star Cards, Replay Collectibles are created for Replay ecosystem.

Video-on-Demand Collectibles

Video-on-Demand Collectibles — rewards can be ‘stacked’ for up to 5 Collectibles — we’ll automatically add up the multipliers of your 5 most powerful collectibles!

PlayTaters — these are Membership Collectibles unlocking governance of! PlayTaters unlock a weekly vote on content and exclusive rewards for Tater’s Favorites, a front-page playlist on Membership Collectible holders will also be granted early & exclusive access to future governance features.

Cyko KO! TV Star Cards — these funded the creation of Cyko KO! The Animated Series pilot starring the reunited Napoleon Dynamite cast! They also boost rewards based on attribute rarity, on the Cyko Pick’s playlist, a playlist of movies selected by Cyko KO! team, updating quarterly.

Halloween PlayTatos — rewards x2 on FlixFling Picks, updating quarterly, based on attribute rarity. Note: to unlock FlixFling content requires a FlixFling PlayTato

Santa Claus PlayTato — boost rewards on special content, during the Holiday season!

Live TV Collectibles

Rewards x2 on a designated live TV channel, whenever you watch. Cannot be stacked.

  • Fuse TV PlayTato — boosts rewards on Fuse TV’s Shades of Black featuring shows like Luther, starring Idris Elba!
  • Golden FlixFling PlayTato — boosts rewards on FlixFling Now live channel, featuring classic and modern movies. Note: does not unlock “FlixFling — Paid Access” video-on–demand

Content Unlock Collectibles

Unlocks content.

  • FlixFling Playtatos — unlocks “FlixFling — Paid Access” titles, including the FlixFling Picks playlist, rewarded by Halloween PlayTatos.
  • Super Secret Pine-Tato — boost rewards on Super secret Pineapple Society watch parties & unlocks “The Grove”

Replay Supported Collectibles

Popular existing NFT collections made RPLAY-able: enabling unique content unlock and boosted rewards. Could your Moonbird be a movie ticket? Maybe now it can! Own an ape with a cowboy hat? You may just find, for example, that you’re earning boosted RPLAY rewards when watching Westerns on Replay ecosystem.

Tigons — boosted rewards on Tigon watch parties
Some other popular collections already can be activated to be used as PFPs

Notes on Rewarding

Video-on-Demand — rewards on any given title will half on repeat viewings.

Live TV — watching the same TV channel for more than 3 hours in a 24 hour period will half rewards. Rewards reset every 24 hours so you can watch your favorite channels daily!

Click here for more information about how Replay rewards work.


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