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The Future of Replay: Introducing Governance with Membership Collectibles

It’s been just over a year since the release of our initial whitepaper and the launch of, the streaming service bringing TV to web3. In that time, we’ve developed the building blocks for a decentralized, community-controlled streaming service. We’ve:

  • Built out the infrastructure that will power Game-ified TV with Badges and Missions, enabling brands and communities to interact more directly with their fans through video.
  • Launched Replay Dasha hub for users to manage their video activity and enjoy the perks of game-ified TV across any enabled app, alongside Replay Asset Management Portal, which lets media brands and studio partners manage their content syndication and payments.
  • Demonstrated how NFT-funding film projects can take advantage of Replay rewards ecosystem to keep communities engaged and share token-gated video.
  • Introduced the first NFT that unlocked access to a subscription streaming library, in partnership with FlixFling.
  • Grown a rapidly expanding community watching 100s+ new movies added weekly and a growing library of TV channels including major brands like Coindesk TV, Revolt Mixtape, WatchMojo… and so much more!

Now that we’ve built the core tools for web3 streaming, it’s time to enable community with those tools. The next stage of Replay is about governance and decentralizing the video ecosystem.

To decentralize streaming, Replay will be developing web3 technologies that give users control over the core tenants of a streaming service:

  • Content Management & Programming
  • Content Acquisition
  • Content Monetization
  • Audience Acquisition
  • Customer Support
  • Data Analysis

To achieve this, Replay will be issuing Collectibles (NFTs) that grant governance over Replay ecosystem. Here’s how:

  • Replay will be unveiling new Replay Collectibles as we build-out controls that put power into the hands of users, like the ability to decide what content is being rewarded.
  • As we introduce new controls, we’ll mint new Collectibles that grant further governance. Users who already support the ecosystem by holding existing Collectibles will be prioritized for early access: Some select users will be granted early access, depending on what they hold. Select Replay NFT holders will also be airdropped a Membership Collectible, for their major support of the ecosystem! The snapshot for this upcoming airdrop has already occurred.
  • To ensure fairness and a balanced ecosystem, some governance controls will be limited to 1 vote per Collectible holder, while other controls will be limitlessly “stackable” — the more Membership Collectibles you hold, the more of a say you’ll have! More on stacking membership NFTs for more control over the video ecosystem will be revealed with our next feature set: ratings and reviews.

We’ll start with Content Management & Programming, with our first governance feature being control of our first Rewarded Playlist. Collectible holders will be able to vote on what content enters a Rewarded Playlist, which will reward based on Collectible attribute rarity. This Rewarded Playlist will change out weekly, with users voting on films from a pool selected by Replay team. Maximize your rewards by voting for content that rewards your Collectible’s most rare attributes.

This is just the first step! We’ll be introducing more ways to influence content discovery with ratings, reviews and leaderboards — soon, all of the content on will be controlled by community!

For this first feature, votes are not stackable, limited to one vote per NFT holder. Votes will occur over discord.

Rewards are based on attribute rarity and are stackable, for up to 5 Couch Taters.

Our first set of Membership Collectibles will be minted directly on Replay Dash, to continue to make Replay adoption scalable and enable all web3 communities with THETA-powered decentralized video. For this upcoming drop, we’ve made it possible to purchase NFTs directly with a credit card or crypto on Replay Dash!

We’re so excited to put power into the hands of users with these first membership Replay Collectibles — see you tater! 👀


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