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Make Your NFT RPLAY-able: Unlock the Value of Video with Your NFT Collection

You’ve spent the time building a community. You’ve identified shared goals and objectives, and built out an NFT infrastructure to match. Maybe you’ve set up a bot that lets NFT-holding “club members” enter a private chat, or even grants access to a custom webpage.

Now that you’ve cultivated a community, engage it. Whether you’re NFT- crowdfunding a movie, show or game, or just sharing your digital art with likeminded fans, you want to make sure your users are getting the most out of their NFT, and to explore what’s possible in the permissionless world of web3.

Entice more users to join you on your mission, or excite your existing fans with new perks on their existing NFTs: make your NFT collection RPLAY-able!

Replay is a video payments blockchain platform that “game-ifies” online video. Users earn RPLAY rewards for watching video, and boost their rewards and unlock premium content by completing Missions, collecting badges and NFTs, joining live events and sharing video.

Any ETH, MATIC or THETA-based NFT collection can be RPLAY-enabled. When you make your NFT collection RPLAY-able, you can:

– host live watch parties exclusive to NFT holders, with extra rewards for your biggest fans
– tie rare NFTs and traits to boosted genre RPLAY rewards, bringing more unique value to every generative collection
– create branded Missions and Badges to activate your community and keep them engaged

Custom Watch Parties to activtate your Community!

If you’re an NFT creator interested in making your NFT RPLAY-able, please reach out here.


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