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Replay brings leading crypto news live channel CoinDesk TV to flagship streaming service

Users will earn RPLAY rewards for watching the newly added live channel, a product of leading crypto news outlet CoinDesk

AUSTIN, TX, USA – Feb. 16, 2023 – Replay, the blockchain platform reimagining video for Web3, today announced a strategic partnership with CoinDesk, the leading media, events and indices platform in crypto and Web3. As part of the ongoing partnership, CoinDesk’s flagship live video news offering CoinDesk TV has been made available for free to users of Replay-enabled streaming service

CoinDesk TV will be the leading news channel dedicated to crypto available on the platform, and will provide users with the latest news content and analysis about cryptocurrency and digital assets. CoinDesk TV is the latest to be added to’s live guide offering, joining alongside new linear channels from major media brands including Fuse TV’s Shades of Black and AWE Plus.

CoinDesk TV will feature prominently in’s “News” section, alongside Al Jazeera and NewsNet’s Sports News Highlights, fulfilling a crucial vertical for users interested in the tech and financial sectors. Given’s differentiated focus on web3 rewards and digital collectibles, the channel is expected to be among the streaming service’s most popular.

“CoinDesk TV is an obvious, natural fit for the audience,” said Krish Arvapally, Replay CEO. “Our core demographic is of course highly interested in crypto, and we see this partnership as being as much of a ‘no-brainer’ for our users as it is for us: what better way to catch the morning crypto news than to be earning rewards for doing it!”

CoinDesk TV is being delivered to as a result of both firms’ partnership with connected TV provider Amagi, affirming the web3 streaming service’s maturity in the live TV space. The channel is one of many recent additions to Replay’s flagship streamer, alongside the launch of new gamification features to encourage continued engagement like Missions and Badges. Empowering media brands to game-ify their content while bringing users the latest news and live TV, Replay is empowering media organizations and web3 brands alike with community activation tools for video.

“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing CoinDesk TV to Replay’s flagship streaming service,” said Dan Treinish, Managing Director of Business Development at CoinDesk. “’s users are already highly educated in the crypto space, and we’re proud to make CoinDesk TV a cornerstone offering of that users will love to see: a leading financial news channel that actually rewards you for watching.”

About Replay

Replay is the blockchain platform reimagining video for web3. Replay tech powers the web3 gamified streaming service, Tracking video consumption in real time, Replay removes monetization friction for content creators and delivers unparalleled transparency into viewership and performance. Built on Theta blockchain protocol, Replay enables digital-ready streams that are trackable on the blockchain and available for distribution via a consumption-based model, using the RPLAY rewards to decentralize and reimagine video streaming, tracking and payments.

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About CoinDesk

CoinDesk is the most influential, trusted platform for a growing global community engaged in transforming the financial system and the emerging crypto economy. Founded in May 2013, the CoinDesk Media platform provides millions of consumers interested in cryptocurrency assets and blockchain technology with news and insights, podcasts, live-streaming TV shows, and research reports. CoinDesk Indices are the industry standard for institutional single and multi-asset benchmarks for crypto assets. The flagship CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) has been in operation continuously since 2014.


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