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Replay’s Secret Pine-tatoes, and what Replay can do with an NFT!

The ThetaDrop challenge runs from today, Feb. 10 to Feb. 12, and any user who holds an SPS NFT will be eligible to complete the challenge and claim our Secret Pine-tato. This disguised PLAYTATO will offer boosted rewards on any future SPS event on Replay-enabled streams.

With this drop, we’re demonstrating how Replay is purpose-built for web3 communities: for NFT creators, we’re making it easy to plug your NFT directly into Replay ecosystem, adding value to your existing NFTs by tying them to boosted rewards or gated access to content.

Want to host a live event for your community? Make it a watch party! Your NFT holders can unlock exclusive access to your VIP events, and earn crypto rewards just for engaging.

Want to make sure your events get on the most eyes as possible, but still want to reward your closest friends? Host video and live events for the public while granting your NFT holders boosted rewards for getting involved, ensuring that you keep your biggest supporters engaged.

Or just make it a movie night — get a whole group together to watch a free movie, provided by Reward your users based on anything from the NFT they own to the generative traits their NFT has.

We’re demonstrating to web3 communities how they can supercharge their fanbase with more ways to engage, have fun, and have control over their own video. Expect more partnerships from leading web3 projects as we continue to grow!

Super Secret Pine-tato Challenge

Make sure you claim him now, before Feb. 12th!

Have an SPS NFT and want to complete our ThetaDrop challenge to claim a Pine-Tato? Click here.

Have an NFT collection that you’d like to enable with boosted rewards and content acess in the Replay ecosystem? Please contact us here.


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