Game-ifying TV — Introducing Badges to the Replay Ecosystem

Badges are leveling-up the Replay experience, bringing a new level of depth to “Missions” while watching free TV and movies! It’s our first major update in 2023, alongside the launch of new TV channels like FlixFling Now & AWE Plus.

Today, we are evolving the gamification concepts we’ve outlined in our whitepapers and introducing a major new update to Replay Dashboard, with the roll-out of Badges: collect them all to earn exclusive rewards and access to NFT airdrops and premium content.

Think of badges as “Achievements”, like the kind you might find in your favorite video game, but for TV! Users earn and collect badges for completing missions and reaching milestones in the Replay ecosystem.

Collect both kinds of badges, now available in Replay Dashboard:

Milestone Badges — for reaching viewing activity milestones, like *‘x’* hours watched or referrals earned.

Mission Badges — for participating in timed live events and activities. Some really cool Missions are already available to view in Dashboard!

Milestone Badges will appear grayed out until reached. Mission Badges won’t show up unless you’ve completed the mission!

We are honoring previous viewing activity for milestone badges: If you’ve already met certain milestones prior to the introduction of Badges, you should see those Badges reflected in your profile in the next few days!

Check out Badges in the latest Replay Dashboard update now!


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