Replay Partners with Cellufun to Bring web3 to Social Gaming Community

Today, Replay is excited to announce a strategic partnership with social gaming community Cellufun. Replay is dedicated to building web3 tools that empower online communities with gamified video.

Our partnership with Cellufun will enable Replay to further build out our gamification tech stack, while embracing the existing Cellufun community to onboard more users into a seamless web3 video experience.

Cellufun is a mobile gaming site that has long been a pioneer in the free-to-play gaming space. Having spent 15+ years building an active user base dedicated to casual mobile games, Cellufun is the perfect partner to help Replay embrace online communities with gamification.

As part of the partnership, Replay will be incorporating elements of Cellufun’s social gaming engine into its existing tech stack, taking advantage of Cellufun’s in-depth chat and leaderboard systems to further build out Replay Dashboard.

With the partnership, Replay will continue to demonstrate its ability to onboard new users into web3 ecosystems. Replay will be engaging Cellufun users with unique promotions and NFT prizes for competing on Cellufun leaderboards. For example, users who play Halloween game Hallofun will be eligible to redeem a free PLAYTATO NFT!

Cellufun users will be invited into Replay & web3 experiences for participating in their existing gaming ecosystem, seamlessly integrating token-gated video access into the Cellufun platform. The partnership marks another first for Replay, as we showcase how traditional communities and web2 social networks can adopt web3 principles to gamify and activate community.


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