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Content Owners

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We don’t think it makes a ton of sense to get paid a month, three or even six months from now for a video view today which is the norm in almost every streaming business. We believe in a future where content providers are paid instantly and where content can be discovered and accessed ubiquitously; if you can track your content and make sure you’re getting paid – you can make it available everywhere.

With Replay you’ll:

  • Have complete transparency and control over how your content is consumed
  • Have total visibility into content performance across all channels
  • Get paid in RPLAY tokens for every few seconds your video is watched
  • Be able to invest in the success of the content economy including other creators and exclusive NFTs
  • Convert your RPLAY tokens whenever you want to cash out
  • Earn interest, bonuses, and exclusive NFTs on all the RPLAY tokens you keep in the community


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Replay Whitepaper

The concept of the Creator Economy is gaining traction as creators are the life-blood of all major internet platforms. That said, Content owners aren’t getting paid fairly for their work. Existing content distribution methods are mired with opaque revenue shares and technology fees for content delivery. 

We go through the inner workings of Replay core technology in this white paper and describe how we envision solving this problem by embracing blockchain technologies. 

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