Bringing PLAYTATOES To Life: Halloween NFT Rarity Traits

FlixFling PLAYTATOES Unlock Rewards Multipliers on “FlixFling Picks”

FlixFling PLAYTATOES are superhero pioneers that do most of their heroics from the couch. They’re not just revolutionizing streaming, being the first NFT to unlock streaming service content.

FlixFling NFTs have also been observed using their superpowers on Halloween PLAYTATOES, unlocking their latent psychic abilities.

A FlixFling NFT unlocks:
– content from FlixFling subscription library
– 2x rewards multiplier on FlixFling Picks playlist,
– 2x rewards multipliers on exclusive Watch Parties!
– FlixFling badge on Replay profile
FlixFling Picks reward multiplier on Halloween PLAYTATOES, based on trait rarity.

Please visit the following chart to see Halloween PLAYTATO trait rarity and multipliers.

Here’s an example Halloween PLAYTATO! He’s a fishy friendly sort of PLAYTATO.

His traits are:
Body — Vampire = no multiplier
Mouth — Swampy = 1.25x
Nose — Masked Ranger = no multiplier
Brows — Frank = .5x
Ears — Swampy = no multiplier
Eyes — Frank = no multiplier

That means in total, this fishy example PLAYTATO would have 1.75x multiplier on FlixFling Picks — not bad! Plus, if I were to stack the FlixFling PLAYTATO needed to unlock FlixFling Picks, which also holds 2x multiplier, I would have 3.75x multiplier total!

Having both a FlixFling PLAYTATO NFTs + a Halloween PLAYTATO also qualifies users to complete our second-ever ThetaDrop challenge, to earn a Golden PLAYTATO! Collect them all!

-Stack up to 5 PLAYTATOES from either collection to earn multipliers on FlixFling Picks and exclusive Watch Parties.
-FlixFling content goes live on Monday, Nov. 28, following the drop.


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