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Thanks for joining the web3 video revolution by signing up for Rewarded TV!

Since launching in alpha, Rewarded TV has expanded to include hundreds of hours of premium tv shows and movies, introduced new ways to enjoy content with friends with Watch Parties and live chat, and built the web2.5 tools that will serve as the foundation of our decentralized future.

But there’s still so much more left to do! In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out RPLAY token earning and the Replay Rewards Dashboard.

Replay Rewards Dashboard will serve asa one-stop shop to track and exchange RPLAY and Replay-enabled NFTs earned from watching and sharing your favorite TV shows and movies.

So tell your friends & family: the future of TV – one that rewards you for all you do to promote and share content – is here!

Stay ahead of the game and sign up below for more updates. You’ll get the latest content updates, tech news and tips from Rewarded TV on how you can maximize your earnings and really Get Rewarded!

Check out https://www.rewarded.tv

RPLAY Earning Dashboard coming soon – Share the (early) news!


For all media inquiries regarding this release please contact us via hello@imaginereplay.org

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